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BC Lifecycle Management

Business Continuity (BC) Lifecycle Management

Effective business continuity planning requires that you fully understand and can navigate each phase of the lifecycle. The experts at Strategic BCP® can provide that understanding and guide you through each step of the process. We can help you with:

  • Business impact analysis and risk assessment that clearly identify potential threats.
  • Strategy development that provides both cost-benefit analysis and risk-reduction strategies.
  • Business continuity program design that is company-specific and industry-compliant.
  • Plan development that outlines identification, recovery, response, and mitigation objectives.
  • Awareness and training to elevate business continuity planning within your organization.
  • Program validation and maintenance to ensure that plans work under real-world conditions.

From internal governance structures and management-approved policies to standard operating procedures and industry requirements, we can advise and assist you through each aspect of a business continuity planning lifecycle that is optimized for your needs.

Knowledge & Skills Transfer

Let us enlighten both executives and Business Continuity/Risk Management teams on program awareness. With every engagement, we teach your team as we do the work—all in a hands-on environment. We go beyond formal training, showing key personnel how to conduct proper analysis. Skills transfer provides the understanding of BCM methodology—and the ability to execute data collection/program management as well.