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Business Impact Analysis

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) Consulting

We remove the stress often placed on business continuity professionals who are tasked with developing and maintaining a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) for their organizations. Using our own methodology, Strategic BCP® will perform a full strategic analysis of existing plans against all leading industry standards. Our analysis will:

  • Help you identify priorities—including critical Recovery Timeframe Objectives (RTOs).
  • Provide details on the organization’s departments and activities.
  • Uncover dependencies, and show the real cost that business interruptions bring to your organization.

We can perform this analysis with or without a full-scale Plan Assessment.

Knowledge & Skills Transfer

Let us enlighten both executives and Business Continuity/Risk Management teams on program awareness. With every engagement, we teach your team as we do the work—all in a hands-on environment. We go beyond formal training, showing key personnel how to conduct proper analysis. Skills transfer provides the understanding of BCM methodology—and the ability to execute data collection/program management as well.